Katie, Art Teacher

A Note from Nestor on the Katie sadly passing away: “Katie was more than a teacher to me. She meant a lot to me as she helped me after my accident and through out my entire college time. I’m grateful for so much from Katie that without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“Nestor has a strong sense of visual identity. He has created his own brand and always has a vision for his work. The confidence and individuality he brings to his work is refreshing. Over the years, teaching Nestor, I have enjoyed debating with him. He has strong opinions but always reflects and considers others input and would always come back with a revised and improved design. Nestors’ work is energetic and he is dedicated to creating the highest quality of results that he can. I have had great times with Nestor on trips, exploring and being inspired by the world around us. This had led to some of his most innovation and insightful artworks. Nestor became particularly interested in pyrography during his final project, and after spending much time learning to make fine marks, he produced really lovely scenes inspired from a day trip to Cardiff. The contrast of burn on wood suits his graphic style well. His signature work all combines black and white text and imagery, playing with the idea of reversing white into black. Pyrography is a natural extension to this and sees him producing really individual and unusual work.”

Katie, Art Teacher

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