Katie, Keyrings

“My husband commissioned bespoke keyrings from Nestor with images that represented family members individual hobbies and interests. These keyrings have proved really popular and are a lovely unique gift, perfect for stocking fillers!” – Katie

Katie, Art Teacher

A Note from Nestor on the Katie sadly passing away: “Katie was more than a teacher to me. She meant a lot to me as she helped me after my accident and through out my entire college time. I’m grateful for so much from Katie that without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.”Continue reading “Katie, Art Teacher”

Jacob Bradfield, Freelance Writer

“I’ve commissioned several pieces of pyrography from Nestor, from key rings to wooden storage boxes he has provided a rapid birthday service when pushed for time, a beautiful hand-designed product and great quality. Would recommend Nestor’s art for a unique personalised gift from an independent artist for any special occasion.” “Recently, I commissioned a newContinue reading “Jacob Bradfield, Freelance Writer”

Rae Hunt, Hubble Bubble

“We were truly thrilled with the work provided. The quality was exceptional and the attention to detail really made the table numbers stand out. We would recommend Nestor S-K to anyone thinking of investing in good quality, handmade products.” Rae Hunt, Hubble Bubble Coffee House